To transform Taiwan into a hub of biotech and medical R&D in Asia.

Taiwan Biomedical Industry – Where innovation happens

Taiwan is renowned for its precision manufacturing capabilities in the global information communication technology (ICT) supply chain, and the government of Taiwan is now turning its sights toward the country's biomedical industry. A long period of investment has produced a solid foundation, with an ecosystem that spans the entire biomedical value chain.


  • Build the Biomedical Corridor

    Integrate Taiwan's various innovative clusters, from north to south, into a single biomedical corridor that stretches the length of the island and includes all facets of the biomedical value chain.

  • Upgrade Industry Infrastructure and ecosystem

    Enhance the efficiency of innovation by building out basic infrastructure and upgrading the biomedical research, development, investment and marketing ecosystems. Strengthen and clarify laws and regulations, upgrade talent, capital and other areas to create a positive environment for accelerated growth.

  • Connect the World

    Engage with the world by entering international markets, establishing relationships with global research institutes, recruiting international talent and building innovative R&D centers.

  • Pursue the Industries of the Future

    Promote key industries and specialty sectors, including welfare for aging populations, precision medicine, and specialty biomedical solutions. Put special emphasis on the emerging industries of the emerging industries of the future, such as digital health, medical and other AI applications.