Are you considering setting up a new biomedical company in Taiwan? The government of Taiwan remains fully committed to providing a platform for entrepreneurs to realize their ambition and for emerging start-up companies to prosper on their innovative capacities and global potentials. If you are looking for some assistance with your seed funding, the following start-up grants should be of help.

National Development Fund Startup Angel Project

National Development Fund Startup Angel Project Fund is to support entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas who are planning to establish and run their own start-ups so that companies with innovative capacities and global potential could grow rapidly. The Fund sets a 5-year budget of NT$1 billion to finance 300 new start-ups, providing the initial funding necessary for crossing the start-up threshold.

Who can apply

  1. Sole proprietorships, partnerships or companies-to-be established in Taiwan
  2. Sole proprietorships, partnerships or companies established in Taiwan in the past three years

How much is the grant

Grants can be up to 40% of the total budget for its business plan. There is yet a limit of NT$10 million on the accumulated funds received by the same applicant and related parties or the company and its affiliates.

How to apply

Contents of the proposal include the following items:

  1. Project goals (business objectives and vision)
  2. Project contents (what tasks do you want to perform?)
    • A description of the main business
    • Target market and market size
    • A description of the uniqueness of the business
    • Competitive analysis.
  3. Implementation method (how do you intend to carry out the tasks?)
    • Status quo of the business
    • Business model and profit model (human resources, R&D, production, distribution, marketing and sales, etc.)
    • Future action plan
  4. Implementation timeline (please describe the major events expected to happen during the guidance period of 1~3 years.)
  5. Staff plan (an introduction of the start-up team)
  6. Fund utilization plan (please describe the current funding situation and make a three-year financial projection.)
  7. Risk evaluations (please analyze potential difficulties or threats which may arise during the operation of the business, and please provide the corresponding measures.)
  8. Anticipated benefits (please describe the anticipated results during the guidance period of 1~3 years.)
    • Number of new employees
    • Number of patent applications
    • R&D results
    • Estimated business output
    • Branch expansion
    • Impact on the society and the general public.

Contact information

Telephone: +886-2-25778518#890 or #344


SME National Development Fund Investment

This Fund is intended to assist SMEs which need funding for their new investment plans or international technology transfer or collaboration projects and would like to receive funds from professional management companies or the government. It will strengthen domestic companies’ global collaboration capacity, and help businesses to develop steadily under the guidance from professional management companies (venture capitalists) and government advisors.

How much is the grant

The total investment on each individual business is up to NT$100 million, and, in principle, shall be less than NT$30 million in the case of early-stage enterprises (including campus entrepreneurship teams). The ratio of equity investment shall be less than 20% of the paid-in capital, and shall be less than 49% in the case of early-stage enterprises (including campus entrepreneurship teams).

Who can apply

  1. SMEs showing great potential for development and not yet listed at stock exchange market or OTC market.
  2. Companies with experiences in international technology transfer and collaboration, production, distribution, marketing, branding and joint venture, etc.

How to apply

  1. Make sure that the company needs investment, would like the government or legal persons to be the company’s shareholders and is willing to share the company’s profits.
  2. Give at least 3~6 months for communicating with investment companies and carrying out investment evaluation.
  3. Prepare presentation materials for field visit, business plan summary, a description of current operation and relevant financial statements.
  4. Request the “Business Basic Information Form” from our Investment Service Office and return the completed form to the Office.

Contact Information

Telephone: +886-2-23680816#342

Email: smeinvest2@moea.gov.tw

Taiwan Venture Capital Association (TVCA)

Have any further enquiries or special requirements about start-up funds?

TVCA is ready to provide additional information and assistance to address your needs. TVCA provides a platform for connecting you with potential investors. It aims to enhance the communication between start-ups and investors and to facilitate opportunities for cooperation.

For more information, please reach the contact details below:

Telephone: +886-2-25450075

Email: public@tvca.org.tw